What Are The Benefits Of Inversion Table Therapy?

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Inversion Table Therapy

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, poor blood circulation, sciatica, scoliosis, etc. then inversion therapy is a great option. It is a technique where you are made to sleep upside down on a table so that your spine is stretched and relieves your back pain. inversion table benefits are due to the theory that shifting of gravity of the body eases the pain and also provides traction to the spine. Refer to know more.
Inversion tables aim to root out the problem rather than merely relieving the patients of its symptoms. Here are some of the perks of inversion table therapy.

Relieve pain: The reasons for back and neck pain can vary from severe posture to weak muscles to misalignment and can be attributed to gravity. That is what inversion therapy aims at when you place yourself upside down on the inversion table. Your body is set against the gravity, and also the weight of the body forms traction that helps to stretch the spine and increases the vertebrae and reduces the pressure on discs and ligaments due to which there is less pain in the back.
The other primary reason for pain in back and neck is due to stress. The tension and stress in your body can cause tense muscles and due to which the supply of oxygen and blood is reduced. By inverting yourself on a table or chair for a few minutes can relax those muscles and increase the speed of flow. Once the body receives a good dose of oxygen supply, the stiffness in the muscles reduces and relieves you from pain. Moreover, inversion helps in correcting your lousy posture. When your body is aligned with the gravity, your spins stand corrected when this therapy is done regularly. Bad posture not only looks unattractive but also can lead to various other problems.

Better joints: For joints to be healthy the ligaments and muscles should be in excellent condition. To improve the strength of the ligament collagen content in the tissue should be present in good measure. As part of a healthy habit, you should ensure that you take care of your spine and one of the ways is to adopt inversion therapy.

Better core strength: Core strength is vital for your body, strong abs, lower back, and obliques are needed for the body to be adequately supported. Many training programs design exercises like sit-ups to build those core muscles and when it is done in a wrong way can result in injury to your back. Inversion tables have a unique design which will help to develop and improve those muscles and also target all the muscles around it without causing any injuries or overloading the spine, and moreover, you can get the sculpted glutes that you always wanted.

Nerve pressure is reduced: Spinal cord is the communication channel which runs from the brain to the rest of the body through a passage created by discs. Damage to these discs can cause pinched nerves. That is corrected by increasing the hydration to the discs when you do the inversion therapy those pinched nerves get corrected.


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