Weighted Clothing And Exercise – Benefits And What To Consider

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Weighted clothing for running or wearing heavy vests during a workout is one of the latest fads. There is no doubt about the advantages of using weight vests. Trainers worldwide are creating exercise routines centred on weighted clothing. has four excellent exercises that any person can do while wearing a weighted vest. For those who are new to the world of fitness, weighted clothing or vests is precisely what the name suggests.
These are vests that can be worn over your clothing while exercising. These torso vests provide resistance due to the fact that has weights added to them. The level of resistance varies according to the amount of weight. One can add or remove weight bars as needed. Since the jackets are highly versatile, a person can perform any kind of workout while wearing them. From rope jumps to mountain climbing to burpees to even simple pull-ups and push-ups, weighted vest allow a full range of motion.
But just because they are the latest technique to reaching a fitness goal, it doesn’t mean you have to follow it blindingly. Each individual has a different body type and capacity to endure. An exercise that builds one man’s body might not work as well on another. For the same reason, there are a few factors to consider before using weighted clothing for running or any other exercise.
• How strong are you?
The answer to this question is crucial. The type of weighted vest you can use and for how long will depend upon your present fitness level. So ask yourself are you able to complete all exercises without struggling? Does your body require respite for the rest of the day? How often do you workout? Are you able to finish the reps within the time cap? If such is the case, then it is recommended to build your present level before adding a vest. Begin with a lightweight vest for few exercises before going hardcore.
• How much weight can you carry?
For beginners, it is advised to start with very light weights like 5lbs. This is because even such small amount can affect the workout immensely. First timers are not used to carrying extra weight, so even the slightest amount makes the body work harder. Further, if you wear the vest for the entire workout, time expounds the effect it has. A too heavy jacket can cause damage to the joints. A weighted coat equates to heavier footfall. This means too much pressure and strain on the knees when you are running.
There are innumerable benefits to weighted clothing. From strength training to aerobics, they can be used for any workout form to build muscle, strength, and endurance. The more weight you use, the more the muscles adapt to carrying it and strengthen further. Extra loads make the body work harder, it requires more oxygen to function, and this makes it stronger. Weighted vests are also beneficial for the cardiovascular system. They make the lungs, and thus the body, healthier and robust.


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