The Benefits Of Making Landmine 180s Part Of Your Workout

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Having a strong core is one of the prerequisites for many heavier exercises. To develop your abs, certain abdominal exercises are held in far greater regard than others for their ability to develop a strong core with the least amount of repetitions and in creating it in such a way that no muscle group in the area is left unattended. The landmines 180 was first developed in Russia when it was still known as the Soviet Union, hence leading to the moniker the Russian twist. According to, this compound abdominal exercise is the key to building explosive power in the abdominal area.

The landmine 180 encompasses a very simple twisting motion that can be replicated in a variety of sporting scenarios. For example, a swimmer who practices breast or butterfly stroke, pivotal shots like those from tennis players, golfers and baseball players and even the close quarter’s jab of a boxer all depend on this motion. Soldiers repeat this action when lobbing a grenade over a long distance. For those who practice survival training, wielding an axe or a sword also makes use of the same twist-swing motion. Once you’ve incorporated it into your regular workout, the benefits of having this easy yet highly effective workout will begin to show in no time.

The workout starts by fastening the bar, with a single weight placed closest to you, securely in a corner (the landmine). Your feet should be planted a little wider than your shoulders. Grab the bar above the weight securely by interlocking your fingers to avoid dropping it. Your arms should be comfortably extended in front of you so that you can swing around without letting go of the bar. Rotate 180 degrees using your hips and upper body to one side and then the next. Always keep your core tight and your arms loose to help twist the body easily.

If you keep the bar at hip level, you will be giving your abdomen a harder workout. You can also challenge yourself by holding the bar for a few extra seconds after each swing on either side. You can repeat them as sets as much as you require. While the landmine 180 is intended to target the abdominal muscle groups, it also focuses on the lower back, shoulders, and obliques. If you feel that your arms are tiring too quickly, it means that are not extended far enough and that your incorrect posture is taking the target of the exercise away from the abs.

Remember to start off with light weights to prevent injury. Despite its simplicity, it is an intense workout – starting off with heavier weights can pull muscles or even tear them. It is alright to take time and build your core strength by adding weight gradually. Your body is better off building strength slowly rather than being injured a few days into the regime. Because the landmine 180s mimics practical movements, its advantages can be put to use in daily life. Practice this ab exercise diligently to get the core strength you’ve always wanted.


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