Planning To Hit The Gym? – Read To Learn More

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Have you ever stopped yourself from joining a gym because you felt you didn’t know enough about fitness to go about it? Does the different machines kept there confuse you? It is all but common for people to get thrown off the track once they start their fitness journey. All it requires to continue on the right track and to achieve your fitness goals is some basic knowledge about the right kind of exercise routine that you should follow.

Here are some tips recommended by experts in the field of health and exercise physiology. The health portal also throws some light on this topic with their valued inputs that can help you decide on the best way to shape up. Let us see what it takes to hop into the fitness wagon.

Often people give up their exercise plans after the first few weeks of workouts because they had set unrealistic goals for themselves. The key here is to start small and then build your routine as you start feeling more comfortable. Choose a machine that does not make you feel fatigued or bored to start off. Working less muscles initially is the best bet as it would not tire you out. Don’t just look at the calories that are being burnt. If you are not enjoying your work-outs, chances are you will abandon your plan to get healthy all together.

You are the only person who can decide which machine works best for you. So, set aside the recommendations of your friends and celebrities and focus on what feels right for you. It could be a treadmill or an elliptical machine or a rowing machine. Change your routine regularly so that you don’t feel bored. Get off that stationary bike even if you totally enjoy it! Give other machines a chance. Try to vary the speed and intensity of your exercises to challenge your body.

Make exercising a habit so that you don’t have to look for excuses to avoid it. Once you manage to incorporate it into your routine all your fitness chips will fall into place. Another pitfall to be avoided is attaching too much importance to readouts. As much as it is satisfying to know how much calories we have burnt or how many miles we have walked on that treadmill, take these readings with a pinch of salt as they are usually averages and don’t always reflect reality.

Finally, before you start off, get your doctor’s recommendations. It is important to know about your own health issues and problem areas so that your trainer can chart out a plan that is unique for you. But remember that even the best exercise plan will bear fruit only if it is followed regularly. Showing up only now and then will not produce the desired results.

With all these inputs in hand, now it’s time for you to take charge of your health and fitness. Join a gym or buy personal equipment, as may be convenient to you. Put on your trainers and get going!


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