Are You Eligible To Undergo LASIK Surgery?

wavelight-lasik-demo-800x482More and more patients are either wearing glasses or contact lenses these days. It is these people who wish to be able to enjoy the comfort and freedom from glasses or contacts. There are few conditions that may make you ineligible to undergo LASIK surgery treatments. Also in such cases, if you take risk and proceed with the surgery, you might end up with inefficient results of the surgery. Before going through the procedures, try to check online on the benefits and side effects of undergoing LASIK treatment by visiting Lasik Austin.

Before you could begin with the surgery, try understanding issues like the vision types that could be corrected by LASIK surgery. People who wear contact lens or glass are affected by refractive error. This refractive error is of four types which include hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism and myopia. A person is called “emmetropic” if he/she has perfect eye sight and still lacks refractive error.

The light rays are allowed to enter along the cornea and it focuses on the retina directly at the back of the eye in the case of refractive error. Myopic eye are the type in which the cornea steeps and so the light rays focus in front of retina and this causes blurry effect of the distant object. The cornea doesn’t steep and so the light rays are focused behind the retina in the hyperopic eye.

When it comes to astigmatism, the cornea is irregular in shape and scatters light rays and this causes blurred effect to both distant and closer objects. In Presbyopia, the lens loses its elasticity. Because of this the affected person loses his/her ability to read at close distance. Here reading glasses are recommended for these patients and it has corrective lenses. People with perfect vision might develop presbyopia at the age of forty and above.

As there are few complications in undergoing LASIK treatment, try to get all your doubts clarified with your doctor. Also discuss with your physician as to which of the above mentioned types do you belong to and what are the procedures you need to follow during the LASIK surgery process.

The very first eligibility criteria to undergo LASIK treatment is the individual should be 18 years and above. Few other conditions that affect your surgery results are diabetes, any previous surgeries and medication taken for any other disease or treatment. There are a few other conditions which you should consider seriously before undergoing LASIK treatment. For example few medicines might cause infiltrates, scarring and affect your post surgery healing. So it’s better if you consult your doctor, so that he or she can tell you whether it is important to discontinue particular medicines before taking the surgery and also throughout the procedure.

Also it is very important that you should stop the use of contact lenses at least one month before the examination for the LASIK surgery. Because the continuous usage of contact lens may alter your cornea’s shape and this results in change of the measurements. In case of soft contact lens usage, you should not use it for 5-6 days prior to the check up and for hard contact lenses the period is about 2-3 weeks. It’s better to discuss with your doctor about the actual scenario and follow accordingly.

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