8 Power Foods For Your Body And Brain

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Whether you are a multitasking supermom or a professional on the go, your body requires the right amount of nutrition for a proper functioning of the cells and general well-being. In addition to your regular diet, it does your body good to stock up on vitamins in the form of supplements and bars. buy isagenix online and benefit from their flexible cleansing programs. For other assessments and health calculators, you can login at and join the bandwagon of other happy customers.

Apart from the intake of supplements and shakes, you can include nuts, pulses, leafy vegetables and grains for a healthy diet.

Almonds are a rich source of magnesium, iron, calcium, and fiber. Just a handful of this power food helps promote a healthy heart and prevents weight gain. It also helps fight against diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Add few almonds to your favorite smoothie or eat them as part of your daily diet.

Some reports explain how almonds can promote a healthy gut. The presence of fiber in these nuts gives them prebiotic properties that act as ‘good bacteria’ and help maintain a healthy balance.

Brazil Nuts
They are commonly eaten raw or blanched and are high in protein, thiamine, and calcium. Brazil nuts contain ellagic acid that is known to possess high anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a natural source of selenium that is responsible for uplifting your mood and prevents depression.

Lentils are edible pulses that are widely used in South East Asian countries. A cup of lentil contains calories, proteins, fiber, folate, and manganese. They require long cooking time and make for an excellent snack. Keep a container of sprouted lentils for lunch or add a dash of pepper and salt for a healthy snack.

This high-protein food is the best sources of soluble fiber that aids in lowering cholesterol and prevents heart disease.

The FDA recommends this gluten-free whole grain that is a rich source of vitamin, mineral, and fiber. Oats and oatmeal have several health benefits which include weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease. Sprinkle your choice of nuts and fruits on top of oatmeal, and your body will thank you for this superfood.

Wheat Germ
This is part of the wheat and is high in vitamin E, folic acid, thiamin, and a good source of fiber. It is known that wheat germ is used to maintain heart health in menopausal women and is used in treating menopausal problems.

Avoid wheat germ supplements if you are gluten intolerant.

If there was a competition for the world’s healthiest food, the award goes to broccoli. Rich in dietary fiber, potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and a host of other nutrients, broccoli can be tossed in your salad and enjoyed for dinner or lunch. Avoid overcooking as it can destroy the nutrients.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away since this miracle fruit is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber. The presence of phytonutrients further helps in reducing the risk of developing cancer, diabetes and heart ailments. Bite into an apple when you feel the hunger pangs, or there is a sudden urge to reach out for the plate of chocolate cake.

It is low in calorie and contains high amounts of fiber and zero fat. This enviable ratio makes kale a superfood as it aids in digestion and is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, magnesium, and folate.


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